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2017 - BEST BITS

In this post I'm throwing it back to 2017. It's like a diary, but unlike a diary, I try to remember everything from the year before at the end of the year. -Note to self- MUST start documenting each month as they go. Anyway, let's just jump straight to the point. Some months weren't particularly eventful hence why they aren't mentioned.

After having a break from college and work I jumped back into it and cracked on with deadlines and hand ins.

In February I visited Barcelona as part of my Graphic Design HNC year. It was beautiful, the sun was out (and slightly warmer than the UK weather) and I had a great few days exploring the city.

Nothing notable happened this month, apart from a slightly impromptu trip to London (the best kind of trip tbh.) and I shot a little outfit post in Somerset House! I'm still sad that they don't how LFW there anymore.

In May I shot one of my favourite blogposts ever. A BLUEBELL WOODS, and it was as wonderful as it sounds. Bluebells everywhere with some lovely grounds to walk around too. I need to do more of that this year!
I was also finalising my HNC work for submission at the end of this month, then after that was the big decision of whether to continue studying or enter the big wide world of employment!

After much very little deliberation I decided to not go onto the next year of the Graphic Design course. I feel as though I'd learnt enough to take all the skills forward into the design work I try to do now, and I wanted more time to work on my own design projects.

In July, my friend and I visited Brighton. It was just glorious. The weather held up for us for the three days we were there and it was the perfect way to celebrate the end of our college lives and us going into the adult world.

August rolled around and I turned 21! I can't believe I'm now properly in my 20's, it's kind of terrifying but also just so exciting because I'm a proper full blown adult now.
We were in Derbyshire on holiday when I turned 21. It was such a relaxed week where we did very little but hang out with our family who met us there (from Northern Ireland).
This month I also brought a shed. A shed to house my business and allow me to have my bedroom as my little peaceful sanctuary (it's still a tip though...). My Dad insulated and boarded the walls, I've got power in there and it MINE. My little creative room for painting, writing, designing and anything else that my heart desire. I LOVE IT
Firstly, the shed got completed and I started spending some of my evenings in there. I pop my little heater and my fairy lights on and I'm away!
Most importantly, after 9 months of driving lessons, I PASSED FIRST TIME. I was ecstatic. I got 4 minors (three for the same thing within the first couple of minutes of the test! I blame my nerves for them ones). I wasn't in a great rush to get a car but was on the lookout nonetheless.
In September I found what I thought would be the perfect temp Christmas job while I still helped my Mum with her shop too. It was design based but after my first day of sitting at a desk for 8 hours I simply couldn't hack it, so I quit after one day -lols-

October has a similar story to September. I found a car locally (after driving too far to view cars that looks great online but shite in real life) and purchased it soon after. It's not the MINI that I wanted but I needed to think about important factors and opted for a Clio as my first car.
Fun fact: I stalled my car ALL the time when I first got it and thought I was going to have to sell it. Turns out I just needed someone to coach me for half an hour due to the car being so different to drive. But I got there (thank goodness)

This is a contender for the best point of my year. I applied for a job at H&M in my local town and I got it! I knew I needed a part time job to pay to run a car and the job is just perfect. I'm so glad I waited a little while to find something that fitted just right for me and the job's going so well. It's really made me realise how much of an interest I have in fashion too.

In December I worked quite a bit of overtime, and worked most days between Christmas and New Years. I'm not complaining because I'm loving the money coming in, although I'm spending a good chunk of it on the clothes I see and fall in love with while I'm working (oops).
To Summarise...
So, I think you may agree that the second half of the year contained a lot of growing up. I made the decision to stop attending college, found myself a job that I adore and managed to pass my driving test AND get a car - and breathe! -. I didn't really progress with my shop after finishing college, I partly blame that on poor time management, the dark nights drawing in, but also the job I managed to get. I'm still getting used to it if I'm honest, but I'm enjoying every second of it.

I'm so excited to see what 2018 has in store for me. Hopefully it'll be growth personally, on my blog and on my little shop. I posted about my goals yesterday, but I forgot to mention the most important one. Make sure that everything you're doing brings you happiness, if it doesn't then move on to the next thing.

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