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I cannot believe it. Yesterday I turned 20. TWENTY YEARS OLD. wth. Does this mean that I'm a fully fledged adult now?! I spent the day shopping with my Mum and sisters. It was a super chilled day which is just how I like it, I hate all attention being focused on me in the form of a family gathering/ people singing happy birthday to me (I'm weird I know).

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my thoughts on turning 20 and perhaps a few things that I hope to achieve over the next year.

So, first of all I feel more grown up. I wish to be self employed while at college/ when I finish college and I feel like people are going to take me and my business idea more seriously now that I'm out of my teens. It's easy for people to assume that you have a low maturity level whilst in your teens, this is something that I totally disagree with however I do think it's going to be a positive thing for me.

I can be my own person. I can go where I want to go, I can organise to meet people I've never seen in real life (hi blogger friends :)) and I can be independent. I had the greatest time meeting like minded people last week and have already booked another event that's happening in November.

Over the next year I'm really going to push my business idea as far as I possibly can. I've got everything I physically need for it to be successful, I just need to put in the time and hard work for it to start paying off for me. I'm still chasing my dream of making YouTube videos and pushing my blog further creatively. My views are growing all the time and I know that, just like my online shop, it will take time and perseverance but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of this long and windy tunnel.

So that's my thoughts on turning 20, all positive and happy thoughts from me. Tomorrow I've got a fun/ slightly serious posts called '20 things I've learned in 20 years'. It does what it says on the tin, I thought of doing this post for several months so it's a list I've been compiling for a while. See you tomorrow!

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