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Hi guys, on Sunday my friend and I decided to go and explore my local town centre a little bit. Obviously it was Valentine's Day but her boyfriend was working and my boyfriend doesn't exist so we thought we'd just pop out for a few hours for some food and to check out a couple of new(ish) places in town. Now, I'm not sure why but for a while now I've really hated my local town centre. Maybe it's the people, the fact that I don't find the place at all inspiring and the majority of the shops are rubbish chain stored like the 99p shop and B&M. That's not really my style. Being someone that loves independent shops, arty shops and London I really was bored of this place.

However, a couple of new places have opened and I was excited to see if they could give Kettering a, much needed, new lease of life. So, firstly we headed to a little place called The Yards. The idea of this place is that local businesses can sell their products all in one place. It gives the place a huge sense of community and really is a breathe of fresh air for the area. There's a pub at the back, a cute trailer selling crafting goods, American candy for sale and so much more including clothes and people's art work too.

I love that this area is slightly closed off from the rest of town. The inside of the building is mostly painted white brick and exposed bricks. As if it's been slightly restored but all of the features are still there to see. It's crazy how many different businesses and products can fit in an area like this and in the future I'd love to look into selling my own pieces of work there (whenever I get around to getting some things printed.) Another thing that I loved about this place was that the building that houses the pub had frames that explained the history of the building with images too.

After spending an hour or so exploring The Yards we headed for a sit down and a bite to eat. The Kino Lounge has been in Kettering for quite a while but I've never been in there before. We chose to sit downstairs next to a window because the sun was shining and it was a quiet little area away from the bar. We grabbed a menu and picked our food. I'd actually eaten nothing due to the fact I woke up at 10:30 instead of about 8:00 as I normally would (it was a great sleep though) and it was about 2 o'clock so I was super hungry. The service was really nice and I thought I'd get a Lounger Burger and some garlic bread.

The burger and fries were so nice, the fries were perfectly crispy and the garlic bread was also really nice too. I was pretty full and didn't manage to finish all of it. We sat for a while planning some videos and blogposts. We came up with a really fun idea of a stop motion video for my channel and I'm really excited to get that made and hopefully I'll be able to get that made and edited by the weekend. It's going to take a while but hopefully the outcome will mean the time spent on it will be worth it.The interior of The Kino Lounge is industrial and rustic with lots of little quiet areas, a mezzanine floor and the huge windows (which open right out in the Summer to give you the feeling of sitting outside without being outside). Looking at the history of the building, their site states that this incredible building was once a public hall, a library, and a cinema! The majority of the brickwork is exposed with pieces of the old wallpaper and paint remaining.
Even though I was pretty full after my meal I had a little look at the dessert menu and whenever I see some form of chocolate dessert with ice cream I just cannot say no. So, to not break a habit of a lifetime I ordered the chocolate brownie and ice cream. The chunk of brownie was HUGE but it was really nice with chocolate sauce and ice cream.

So that's that. A little write up of how I spent Sunday. I guess it made me realise that not everyone in the town are miserable old people, the staff in both places that we visited were so friendly and were clearly passionate about their place of work. Even though most of the shops aren't to my taste I definitely won't hesitate to visit again soon for a bite to eat and a relax.

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