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Hi, today I have a new kind of post that I hope to feature regularly here on the blog. In case you didn't know, Graphic Design and Art is a great passion of mine and I really want to share that more on my blog. A recent trip to London made me feel really inspired and I decided at that point that I'd like to share independent design shops with you. I want to start it with a bang so here it is, my favourite shop in London at the moment. I first stumbled upon this shop accidentally with my Mum months ago, I wanted to buy everything at that point if I'm honest.

So, some info from the 'We Built This City' website. 'With London now the most visited city on the planet - and being home to one of the most creative communities in the world - we thought it was high time that souvenirs reflected the true creativity of the city and supported the homegrown talent at the same time. Why not come and visit our shop on Carnaby St and see for yourself.'

During a recent visit to London I was totally determined to bring my friends to the shop and Lori in particular fell in love (which made me super happy). The premise of the shop is to be a different kind of souvenir shop and contain items from lots of local creative individuals and companies. The vast, totally unique prints, cards, books and many more do nothing but inspire me.

The outside of the shop looks amazing, this print is continued on the stairs (which lead to another floor full of amazing work). It was designed by Sylvia Moritz and Rowan Ottesen. Personally, if I didn't know about the shop this design would definitely draw me in. The interiors are absolutely to die for with GLITTER MATS!! and a modern industrial vibe throughout. The people that work in the shop are super lovely and always seem so happy to chat with you.

On entering, the walls are totally covered with prints. most of which are limited to a certain amount, I always think there's something special about buying something that only another 49 people will own. What I love about the pieces being hung is that you can see what a print will look like up on a wall and can also get information of the artist and what inspired the particular piece. I love that some of the card holders, cards, stationary etc absolutely scream London but some are super subtle, I think this is great for such a wide range of people. This of course follows the premise of the shop where hundreds of artists with totally different styles can showcase their work and allow people to see it in the flesh.

Something that my friend loved in particular was a series of books created by 'The Hoxton Mini Press'. Although I don't know all of the details I think that this company find creatives from around London and curate photos of them and their work and put them together into a book. Such a cool idea and really lovely to flick through.

Upstairs contained an area to get Christmas jumpers printed and also Christmas cards. I could most definitely see myself buying these quirky and unique cards for friends and family in the future.

Along with the amazing work that fills the shop, creatives also offer classes to the public. Being based in London means that it's pretty accessible and I was super interested in their screen printing class when they did one a couple of months ago. Lori and I have vowed to attend some classes in the new year to learn some new skills. I'm so excited!

So, there it is, the first post of this (hopefully) super fun, inspiring and educational series. I haven't seen many others doing anything like this so I hope it's fun to read. This shop is most definitely worth a visit, even if you're not particularly 'arty' or creative. I feel so inspired when I'm in the shop and the mixture of work truly means that there's something for everyone.

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