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Firstly, apologies for the text heavy posts recently, I don't really like posting blogposts with no pictures but at the moment I don't really know what kind of picture I can put with my rambly diary type posts but I love writing them so no picture will have to do for now. I've felt a little bit down for the last couple of days so I decided to perk myself up and really acknowledge the positive changes that have occurred in my life recently.

1. I finished sixth form in June this year and although I was petrified of the unknown I felt so relieved when I finished. Through the first quarter of sixth form I was incredibly unhappy and sadly through this time I let my work ethic slip and ended up with a back log of overdue work that haunted me to the end. I've definitely learnt from this and am now trying my hardest to stay on top of the work I'm set at college.

2. My best friends have left to continue their studies at University and I have joined a college course. A few months ago I was so sad at the thought of them leaving but, the fact that I am now on a college course that I love more than anything and I'm surrounded by so many lovely people I feel like I have been distracted from this huge event happening. Obviously I know it's happened but I also know that although my best friends are miles away I'm becoming friends with people a lot closer to home.

3. As soon as I finished sixth form I started working for my Mum's business. We're currently trying to figure out a timetable that will fit around me going to college and also give me time to do my college work at home and also have some extra time to relax and get some blogging done!

4. Going back to point 1. This time two years ago I was totally set on leaving sixth form. I felt like this was the only thing that I could do to make me happy again. I didn't leave, I stuck it out till the end but looking back I feel like maybe I'd be closer to knowing what I want to do in the future had I have left a year or so earlier. BUT, I wouldn't be best friends with the people I am now if I'd have left, I also wouldn't be on my college course with the people I am now.

I don't regret any of the decisions that I've made because they've lead me to where I am now.
I'm happier than I've ever been. No matter how you feel, know that things will work out eventually.

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