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Hi guys,
If you didn't know, my friends have now gone off to university and while I was excited about the prospect of meeting them a lot, I was also incredibly apprehensive.

Visiting them involves getting the train and whilst I can hop on a train confidently with friends I suddenly feel huge pressure when faced with the idea of having to travel on my own. I'm a huge worrier so I stress about knowing every detail, important or not.

However I'm writing this post now, on the train home from visiting two of my friends at their university. Having arrived at my local station with plenty of time I collected my tickets, found out the platform I needed to be on and took a seat in the cafe to read a magazine.

While the lead up to today left me feeling incredibly anxious, I feel confident in knowing that I managed to do it on my own without any problems. (Apart from missing my train home :S) Had I let the fear of travelling on my own stop me then it would have taken me longer to conquer my fear.

Do things that scare you often because you might realise that it's not as scary as you think. As I said being a massive worrier makes me scared to do a lot of things but today has proved that if I really set my mind on something then I can do it.


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